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Wildlife Ponds & Lakes

We have been constructing both large and small wildlife ponds for many years and with a new understanding of the role we have played in the decline of so many vital species by over landscaping our green spaces, it is now more important than ever to re-introduce nature back into our gardens.

In creating a wildlife pond, we are doing exactly that by bringing back a vital habitat for many species such as newts, dragonflies, frogs and toads. The wildlife pond creates huge interest and colour into the garden, providing a wonderful place to reflect.

Wildlife will find these new water sanctuaries without too much effort, letting nature take its course!


We can construct your pond through simple design, and we are happy to work on both small- and large-scale builds. Incorporating movement to the water through a simple and inexpensive pump system combined with the right variety and number of plant species will remove the need for expensive filtration and UV systems. Our ponds will thrive without the need for regular maintenance, allowing you time to enjoy and observe the nature around you.

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