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Wildlife Lake 

A recently completed project for a client in Dorset to construct a wildlife lake on his estate to enhance an area of open fields, adding colour and interest all year round, and providing a natural habitat for wildlife.

As it develops and the planting matures it will create a beautiful habitat for numerous animals and insects and is already enjoyed by swallows, dragonflies and newts.

Lilies will spread across the surface of the water creating vital shade and cover. Reed beds and marginal plants around the banks of the lake will provide a sanctuary for the wildlife to thrive. Oxygenating plants below the surface of the water help maintain a healthy water quality by absorbing excess nutrients and provide a food source for many species.

A deck was added to the lake design and constructed to sit over the water to provide a peaceful viewing platform. An additional aeration system has been added to provide oxygen to the water, in conjunction with the planting. This provides interest and sound whilst performing a role in maintaining healthy water quality.

As the lakes are slightly less engineered than the natural pools, they are therefore more cost effective and can be enhanced and adapted to allow for wild swimming.
This can be achieved at the design phase and constructed accordingly.

We will be happy to discuss further and will work with ponds and lakes of all shapes and sizes.

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